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Why Travel With Us?

Quite simply, none of us put enough back into the world…especially when we travel. We tend to get caught up in the moment, with the travellers we are with, and forget to give back to the amazing communities we're in!

Our programs are designed to get you into the local community, working alongside them.

This ensures you don’t get trapped in the circle of just other travellers – and truly get
to learn about a new place and group of people.

If you want to help, but are unable to get out – you can donate to our causes here.
While we are not a registered charity, all donations are tracked and 100% are placed
directly into the communites and projects we support.


Our flagship volunteer programs kick off in Indonesia, working primarily in Pulau Merah (Red Island in Banyuwangi, East Java) in a secluded, beautiful bay surrounded by mountains, beaches and national parks. Seclusion is perhaps Pulau Merah’s best asset. As Bali’s tourism industry has flourished, it’s become harder and harder to find regions mostly untouched by the surge of people Indonesia has seen. Get out into the local Turtle Rescue Hatchery, help the locals in an Organised Beach Clean up or get indoord with some of the local kids for a few english lessons.


Encompassing some of the best bits of Northern NSW – The Orca Crew will take you on the journey of a life time through remote river camps, world renowned surf breaks, a huge number of snorkel/scuba diving options all while giving back to the local community. Spend your days at a Sea Bird Sanctuary or out in the kayaks cleaning up the river systems.

Need More Info?
Need More Info?

If you want to get involved in any way shape or form with our projects, please be sure to contact us! We are more than happy to give you further information about trip itineraries, included activities, detailed project info, and more. The best way to be a part of change in the world is by getting out and making that change!

Email: domore@orca365.com


Exciting Itineraries Exciting Itineraries
Exciting Itineraries

Hit the ground running, and start a new adventure in a new city with new friends. Our adventure begins immediately on your arrival, and the community will be waiting to greet you when you arrive!

Ocean Bound Ocean Bound
Ocean Bound

We are all bound to the ocean. Surf, snorkel, and swim with us through Indonesia. Those who are lucky enough will get to see giant manta rays, sharks, and turtles. Be one with the sea.

Be Green Be Green
Be Green

When at all possible we source our food locally. We recycle, and teach others to do the same. We ensure that all areas we touch, are returned in better condition than when we arrived. This is how travel should be.

Stunning Scenery Stunning Scenery
Stunning Scenery

The locations we visit are unique and beautiful. We spend as much time as possible enjoying the beauty in our backyard, and you’re there to share it. We are constantly on the lookout for new walks, bright sunsets, and friendly smiles.

Global Support Global Support
Global Support

It’s not just us on the ground supporting these communities. Orca365 is supported by moms and dads, big businesses and little businesses. We are supported both financially and physically – by people who truly care about our planet and its inhabitants. People like you.

People Based Results People Based Results
People Based Results

We don’t just work in the communities, we work with the communities. This is what sets us apart from similar programs. Travel with us knowing that the people and places you’ve grown to love are receiving the support their community has asked for – even after you leave.

Travel included Travel included
Travel included

Once you arrive, the fun begins. Don’t stress about how you’re going to get to that next beautiful island. We sort it out for you, and travel as a group. Safety is our primary focus, and you will be well looked after when with us.

Hear The Difference Hear The Difference
Hear The Difference

Nervous about teaching your first english lesson? Don’t be. Our qualified teachers will be with you every step of the way, ensuring the students receive quality education, while helping you progress and provide cool, calm, collected support to the children learning through our program.



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